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  • Dragon's Lair
  • A tbh about me?
    "Oh. Gtg now. Bye!"
  • A tbh about me?
    "Thankyou. Whoever you are."
  • A tbh about me?
    "What is a tbh? You are an awsome person. Kind and caring."
  • Newbies come here!
    "I remember when I was a newbie. I was all alone and had no idea how to find friends. That is why I made this thread. So newbies can find fri..."
  • Primrose Garden
  • hi
    "I am back. I had to do some homework too."
  • hi
    "Your question could have meant, if there are trains going there or if there are trainsin the town. Oh no! I am so sorry, I have to go"
  • hi
    "What do you mean? We have trains here."
  • Primrose Garden
  • hi
    "My family and I. We live in hessen. The town is called bensheim."
  • Primrose Garden
    "We do. I like it, because it is also easy, if you understand it which I do."
  • hi
    "We live in hessen."
  • hi
    "I am in germany."
  • Primrose Garden
    "Math is easy. What kind of math? I am doing geographie."

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