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  • "Eh I don't care."
  • "Okay and I song care I just need someone to soap with and has something to do with Greek Mythology. Please."
  • "Oh gees that messed up but uh Meg can you do a soap with me I already made a thread to do it."
  • hey, guys.
    "Hey Heart I made a shout out quiz but with a different title and your in it please look at it."
  • "Plot: Two girls are kidnapped in the middle of the night by monsters. They are saved or escaped and end up at camp half-blood. They are told..."
  • Im bored
    "(I robot she will be daughter of Athena) Lights out! my dad yelled. I turned them off and fell asleep. Then I heard voices. P"
  • I am pissed off
    "Um why are you pisses *backs away*"
  • Im bored
    "First we get our chaceeter name and information so we both know. And we do it like this. Name:Killeen Age:10 Look: Dee"
  • Im bored
    "Their are two girls that are demigods but don't even know it. They are kidnapped by monsters in the middle of the night and are recused. The..."
  • Im bored
    "Okay then this plot should make sense."
  • Im bored
    "But be fore we get down to making the plot, one question. Do you know Greek Mythology."
  • Im bored
    "Okay all you really do is be one or multiple charecters and make a story."
  • Im bored
    "Uh yeah sure."
  • Im bored
    "Please the genre is adventure with some mystery."
  • Hello Humans.
    "Anri I'm bored can you please do a soap with me."

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