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Here it is, back by popular demand, It's my second shout-out quiz! Now more people are going to get the full wrath of my compliments. Now, I'm sorry it took awhile, but I got a lot of new people on here, so is it worth it? Find out by taking this quiz.

Are YOU one of the shout-outs on this list? Do YOU have the guts to rave about how poorly this quiz was made? Do YOU want me to shut up? Okay then, on with the quiz!

Created by: StitchedHeart

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  1. Likeaboss/April: This is one of the few instances where a person's username describes them perfectly. You're a brilliant conversationalist and a great friend, and I love to talk with you. We seem to have so much in common, It's like we're brother and sister, stay awesome!
  2. Tigers: you were my first friend on here, and to this day you're still a nice and sweet girl, no matter what anyone says.Thank you, and sorry we haven't talked much lately.
  3. Kat: you're an excellent daughter, a little ball of energy and happiness who loves all of her friends and would do anything for her daddy. I love you, lil' katnip, stay strong and happy and someday I'll adopt you :P
  4. WolfLove: You're another of my brilliant daughters, always perky and loving (hence the name :P). You and your sisters are some of the people who've helped me stay gold. I love you, and god bless you.
  5. Ruby: You're an amazing bff who always makes me happy to be around you. You're feisty, cute, and all around awesome. It's hard to explain, but I feel grateful that I have a bff like you.
  6. DragonEmber: I'm sorry we don't talk, but you're a friggin bad@$$ dragon fer crying out loud! You are awesome incarnate, don't let anyone tell you differently.
  7. Heartless: yeah, well, without sounding too näive, without you I'd be kind of a brat.Oh, well, Thanks for helping this needy soul.
  8. Raeface: You are funny, awesome, and a joy to talk to.It's funny, I really long to talk to you again every time you leave. If more girls were like you, the world would be a better place. Stay sweet!
  9. will you comment?
  10. will you rate?
  11. I'm sorry if I didn't get to you, If you leave a message, I'll get you next time.

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