My Friends List (if your not on here sorry im a newbie)

Hey everyone I made this to shout-out to my new friends. Please comment and rate. If you think I'm a freak if we met well I'm a freak/weirdly/outcast and I'm proud.

Anyways if your on here then you are true friends and Lauren I didn't put you on here because I couldn't come up with anything to say. Sorry but well I actaully forgot.

Created by: OliveOwl

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  1. Meg: You were my first friend on here. We are connected in a way no one will ever know about. You insperated me to write and because of you I have something to live for and that is my new found friends.
  2. Death:You are the greatest friend. You can see that I'm a great person even though most can't. Like Meg we are very connected. Be careful and Meg you too. Only you and a few others will understand this.
  3. Anri:You are nice and funny. Heart is a very lucky guy. Keep being you, do you hear me or I'm might have to fight you and you know I have a strong spirit.
  4. Dark:I know we have had some fights but I still consider you a friend because you are the few who forgive me for being mean. Also Im happy your Anri's friend. Stay strong and nice.
  5. Ember:I barely know you but you are a strong teen. Stay yourself and well good luck with school.
  6. Heart:I totally got you in that water fight. Score for the 10 year old! Anyways your lucky to have Anri and I know you that too. Just saying though. Stay your friendly self.
  7. Emma: All I have to say is you are wrong for not wanting to talk with Death but back to the friends list.
  8. Well that's all I can think of. If you are one of these well hey and Bye.
  9. Comment and Rate please and become my friend id your not unless well you call people names.
  10. Bye and if I make more friends I will make another quiz.

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Quiz topic: My Friends List (if my not on here sorry im a newbie)