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  • Randomness
    "I also went 2 New York, *takes picture out, shows Jbt the picture of the little boy falling off the statue of Liberty in New York* Not reall..."
  • Please take!
    "Im yguk. Wow, I wasn't even close. Well at least u got the ' in the middle of I, and M."
  • Try this.
    "haha, Sounds fun. I bet the Driver freaked out."
  • Randomness
    "I have to go 2 it's 3:07Am Where I am. Bye ppl!"
  • Randomness
    "Were in Hawaii? Yes, we Lived! I thought we were gonna live the whole time, or not. No, I mean I had No doubt what so ever. "
  • Randomness
    "*Gets Sea Sick then trows up on this little girl* Wow She ran out the window screaming. *looks at the little girl slowly disapearing* haha"
  • Randomness
    "7 Hours? Man were all gonna DIE!!! *trys 2 think positive why looking at the sky*"
  • Randomness
    "*Sneaks past metal detector* There is No way im putting my stuff in that box. *Hides face from Guards*"
  • Randomness
    "*walks into airport* I can't run after sitting in that cab four 2, and a half f---ing hours. *walks a little faster*"
  • Randomness
    "What? Were here all ready? Wow, I spaceout fast."
  • Randomness
    "looks at the trees. Wow, Im bored. haha. Could theis driver drive any slower???"
  • Randomness
    "*Gets in cab* "
  • Randomness
    "Oh yeah I forgot about the Swine Flu in Mexico. Uh, Idc where we go as long as we get alway from Mexico, and fast."
  • Randomness
    "So glad I took off my Awesome outfit. If I got mud on that I'd go Insane, and run back 2 hells gift shop 2 buy another one."
  • Randomness
    "Rain? Uh, hold up. *takes off New outfits that I got from Hellicious, and puts on something normal* Those outfits were way to special 2 get ..."

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