How CRAZY are you??

There are many crazy people out there in the world. Crazy drunks, crazy murderers, crazy....whatever. But thats not the point. Now some people wonder if THEIR crazy. If your one of those people now you won't have to wait cuz now here's your chance!

Are you crazy?! Are you the type of person that would do ANYTHING insane or stupid?? Would you also say anything random?? In just a few minutes you will find out! This quiz is very fun and i swear you will enjoy it! Good luck!

Created by: Natalie
  1. Would u kill yourself??
  2. Ok...say u were playing truth or dare at a sleepover. When it waz your turn you picked dare. So your friend dares u to run all around your niehborhood in just your bra and undies. Would u do it??
  3. Would you go up to amy random person and hug em' and say " i love you!"??
  4. Do u like baby shows?? lol
  6. What do u do if ur mad??
  7. Do u like squid??
  8. Would u go out in public wearing a hippie wig??
  9. What if i told u this was the last question??
  10. JK! That wasn't the last question but this is!

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Quiz topic: How CRAZY am I??