Are you a CRAZY Fan-girl?

There are so many CRAZY fan-girls out there BUT those people don't know that they're starting to get abit creepy. Do you think you're going a bit CRAZY over a certain boyband/singer(s) etc?

Do you LOVE your boyband/singer(s)? Are you CRAZY about them? Ever wondered why you have so many photos/MVs of them in the first place? Lets see if you're a crazy fan-girl!

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  1. Do you listen to your favorite 'boyband' 'idol/singer(s)' everyday?
  2. Do you save photos of your favorite 'idol' onto your computer to view later?
  3. Do you HAVE-TO-KNOW the 'LATEST' news about your favorite 'idol'?
  4. Do you/Would you save up money and buy your idol a gift for their birthday?
  5. Do you watch footages of your 'idol' on youtube, just to see a glimpse of their 'cuteness'?
  6. Have you/are you planning to purchase some of your 'idols' <merchendise>?
  7. How many songs/albums/Mv's do you have that is of your 'idol'?
  8. Do you talk about your 'idol' all the time? (with friends, messenger etc)
  9. Do you get angry when anti-fans do/say negative things about your 'idol'?
  10. Have you ever called your 'idol' your *husband* *oppa* etc..?

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Quiz topic: Am I a CRAZY Fan-girl?