What Is Your Mental Disorder

Most people are crazy in one way or another. What type of crazy are you. We aren't doctors, but we're going to try to figure you out. So come and let us probe you.

Are you crazy? Yes, you probably are, but you probably don't know what type of crazy you are. So come and let us find out what is wrong with you. Don't worry, we're not licensed professionals.

Created by: Darnell
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  1. You often perform rituals to rid any anxiety.
  2. You often feel that people are watching you.
  3. People often say that you're quite...
  4. People get annoyed when you are constantly in your own world.
  5. You change moods easily.
  6. You count the floor tiles when you walk.
  7. Your palms get sweaty or you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach often.
  8. You feel that____ people are out to get you.
  9. You can love someone oneday, but hate them the next day.
  10. You hurt yourself to ease the pain.
  11. Sometimes you're so hyper that you can bother yourself.
  12. You have urges to touch things, and you get extremely anxious.

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Quiz topic: What Is my Mental Disorder