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  • completly random
    "Cause this place sucks and i feel sorry for anyone who does "
  • completly random
    "Hey does anyone on here live in indiana? "
  • Dark Cloud
    "Oh my god i love that game and hikaru i haven't talked to you in forever :) "
  • Dang soap operas
    "Lol ok its cool and backers what?"
  • Dang soap operas
    "Just for the record i started the first soap opera and then ya'll go and copy me dang newbies "
  • Soap opera
    "braxton called reina and said "reina is everything ok i'm so sorry but i cant come to you they won't let me but a bunch of other cops will b..."
    "Ok well hey :)"
  • Soap opera
    ""ok elvira i'm gonna need you to get up so we can get everyone outa here how old are by the way?" reina said while helping her to her feet a..."
  • Soap opera
    ""Ok alana i'm with you on that idea but first help me wake up this girl" reina said "
  • Soap opera
    "Reina hid behind the door when some girl was thrown in when the door shut she ran over to the girl to wake her up "are you alright?" "
  • Soap opera
    ""Yeah well i didn't exactly get caught like the people who captured you guys have no idea that i'm here but my crazy ex boyfriend is up ther..."
  • Soap opera
    "Reina had no idea how josh had found her she changed her name and moved across the country she managed to yell help before she felt the rope..."
  • Soap opera
    "mean while they guys that captured alana and trey had no idea that reina followed them when she got to the warehouse she found an airduct th..."
  • Soap opera
    "Reina ran after alana but when she say her with a guy she stopped to give them some time but she noticed he was hurt so she ran over to them..."
  • Soap opera
    "Reina knocked again but still no answer "

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