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  • Don't mind me.
    "Number of quizzes: 3"
  • Huh...
    "*appears next to Reea, hands glow yellow* I'm going to fix them, okay sweetie? But it'll hurt. *puts both hand"
  • Screw it.
    "Oh, am I all alone? 32."
  • She won't
    "....I'm still mad. *cuddles Remember again*"
  • I feel so very loved.
    "*cuddles Selena* o~o Damn. *hopeful that Gori will find the little blue colored bullet that's spreading out f"
  • She won't
    "^-^ *gives back the doll*"
  • I feel so very loved.
    "*watches curiously*"
  • She won't
    "*proceeds to cuddle the doll*"
  • I feel so very loved.
    "*disappears* *comes back a moment later with Dark, who's covered in her own purple-ish blood* *sets her down*"
  • She won't
    "I dunno~ *blinks* ..Does it want to be cuddled? :O"
  • I feel so very loved.
    "Dark happened. There's a bullet somewhere in her stomach that's keeping her asleep. Deep sleep. And I can't get it ou"
  • She won't
    "*continues cuddling* I'm mad. And when I'm mad I cuddle people."
  • I feel so very loved.
    "Because. You're the only one who has the ability to cut someone open without being disgusted. And~ You're a lion. :3"

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