Shout Outs-Part 1

I have many friends that I like to talk to. I had a fun time commenting everyone I could in such a short time. Thank you all who are actually planning to read this.

I have many friends that I like to talk to. I had such a fun time commenting everyone I could in such a short time. Thank you all who are actually planning to read this.

Created by: Dark22978

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  1. Heph- Your a friend I will never want to replace, even if we are speaking through a computer. I feel like we are more than friends.....almost like Sisters. :3 I love Fullmetal Alchemist, the fact that you told me about it made my life not as boring as it would have been without watching that show. XD Hope you have fun with Ed~ Peace, Sister. :3
  2. Dragon- We've encountered many times, most of them with us just speaking randomly. XD I'm happy that I met you, your a nice, strong-willed girl- I mean, dragon, that I love speaking to. XD Have fun with Mr.Zilla, I hope he doesn't bother you as much as he bothers me. X3 Peace, Friend. :3
  3. Kat- You and I are the craziest chicks I know when we are together. XD We speak randomly and proudly. You do scare me sometimes, though, with your dirtyness. XD I have no clue who passed that down to you, I plan to be questioning Xavier after this to see if he tainted you or something. >:3 Have fun with Dave, alright? Not too much fun, but fun. :3 Got it?
  4. Jake- Yeah, that's right, I made you the fourth person I talked to. Sucker. >:3 I can't belive how much i've gotten to know about you in just a short period of time. You always make me laugh my head off....Even if you pretend to be a girl..XD You better not leave me, or we are going to have some serious fighting....And I plan to drag Zane into it, too. >:3
  5. Owl- Hello again. :3 I don't mind that you went overboard with your insults, ok, I understand- I've done it many times. I'm sure we can become good friends, I tend to have that affect with people, even if we hate eachother's guts. :3 I love the way you fight, by the way. Good luck hanging with Death, she is one tough girl. :P
  6. CuteyJackie- Hello, girl. Did you have fun killing Kole? I wanted to join you....I just didn't have the time to.And I was too lazy. XD Your a nice friend to have, even though we don't talk much. I hope we get to talk to each other soon. :3 Have fun finding a new guy, and be careful. You never know what might happen. :3
  7. Max and Manny- You two are amazing. I have no clue what I would have done on those days that we were busy talking and 'Roleplaying'. Most likely, I would have sat in my room, staring at a wall. :3 Manny, You were one of my favorite people to hang out with. I loved your bubbly personalisty, your ideas, everything about you was just awesome. I hope you get to come back, I want to finish that roleplay. :3 Max, You weren't just a friend. We were SISTERS. And to prove my point, you were inside of me for a while. XD I hope we get to continue talking and having fun. :3 Bye you two, good luck in life, blah blah blah, all that mushy friend stuff i'm to lazy to write. XD
  8. Xavier- You are the best f---ing dude I have ever met. Which is why my shout out won't take long. XP You are pretty damn dirty for a guy...wait, I am pretty damn dirty for a girl. .3. So, it's not that hard to point out that we are friends. I like your style of speaking....And I have no clue why. XD HOMIE TIME!!! You better be f---ing good to Bri, ok? If you hurt her, you are half dead. :P
  9. Megan- Smart aleck. One of the ten millon things I can call you. :P Your so..what's the word...EPIC. I love talking to you, no matter what the subject is. :3 But we barely talk now and days...I feel that we must figure out a day that just you and I can talk about random things. XD Your so smart and funny, so I'm sure we'll figure something out. Yeah, I have no idea what I'm saying, girl, so we will just have to see later on what I think. X3
  10. Nick- You are an awesome friend of mine, you know that? And talented~ The day we first met, we had no idea what to say to eachother. Remeber? XD I believe we started talking about video games, and I must admit, I had a small crush on you. :3 Now that we know eachother better and have a better way of speaking, We have become like Brother and Sister. :3 Don't you dare forget that. Have fun with Anri, sweetie and be a good boy for me~

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