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  • What's your superpower?
    "Ability to control time. That way I can go back, forwards, AND pause time."
  • I will say a word...
  • Percy Jackson.
    "The movie was okay... The books were epic! And I have no idea how they plan the next ones in the series. How would it all work ? They change..."
  • If you could
    "Wait, no, forget the money one. I'd want the power to control time *.*"
  • If you could
    "A infinite amout of wishes.. Then I'd do stuff like peace, cure cancer, etc. And a few things for me. But if that first wish "
  • Doctor Who
    "Doctor Who is the most epic TV show ever. The Doctor is just awesome like that X3"
  • Let's break the rules.
    "Watch out, we got a badass over here... XD"

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  • "I got Brayden... Or Edward, you keep switching the name (Though I like the name Brayden better). Nice quiz!"

  • "Post this in the Feedback and Updates forum, it'd probably be more likely to be seen by GTQ Guy."

  • "I got drawing. Eh, I'm not bad, but I'm not the best. Though, I'm a pretty good copier when it comes to drawing. If it's original, then…"