Your Hiden Talent!

You have a hidden talent! It has to be something! From singing to writing, you have something that nobody else does the way that you do! What is it? Take this to find out!

Your probably thinking "pfft, I can't do anything GOOD. I suck." Well, your wrong! Because there's something out there! You definitely have something!

Created by: FunnyPerson
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What color describes you?
  2. I know I spelled hidden wrong in my title :)
  3. I am worse at-
  4. 1-10, how pretty are you? (Be totally honest!)
  5. What was your last grade on any test?
  6. Do you get yelled at for having your room a mess?
  7. What color do you usually like to wear?
  8. How was this quiz?
  9. Did you like it?
  10. Were you honest the whole time?! :))

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Quiz topic: My Hiden Talent!