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  • "same @Anna Jarvis

    i got 100% and i cant even move my leg or ill pee my pants- and im literally about to - i keep spurting omg"

    In response to Anna Jarvis:

    "I got 100% I can’t get up without wetting…"

  • "i did this quiz on a full bladder. i mean a FULL BLADDER. i started this quiz by spurting and halfway peeing, on every question i peed…"

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  • "bruh i got kinda need to I AM SPURTING AS I TYPE AND ALL BATHROOMS ARE TAKENN im 2 seconds away from peeing my pants"

  • "i got you can hold it when 2 seconds later, my millionth spurt came out and i was this close to peeing :))"

  • "im so mad lol. i was on question 59, and i was nonstop-spurting because i had to go so frickin bad. i was dancing around, holding my…"