Ill make you pee 3

ok so, I got the idea from another quiz called Ill make you pee, and i thought I would add to it, I know weird creep right? but yea this is the quiz.

How long will it take you to start squirming? Do you have an Bladder made of iron? or will you start squirming after the first 2 questions? find out here.

Created by: Mew

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  1. so how much do you need to go right now?
  2. doing anything to hold it?
  3. RP time, you're on a hike with your friends and you feel a bit of pressure but it's not to bad so you keep on going, a little while later you feel it's time to go spurt, so you unzip your pants, but they are stuck and you watch in horror as you start spurting in front of your friends, you sag and surrender to the heveanly feeling of letting it go.
  4. what does this word remind you of? YELLOW
  5. ok now do 5 pushes
  6. ok now relax your bladder for 3 seconds
  7. ok push your bladder for 10 seconds
  8. now 5 short pushes again
  9. could you go drink a glass of water and wait 10-15 minutes? yea thanks
  10. ok now push your bladder for 15 seconds, 1 missisipi 2...
  11. now relax your bladder for 15 seconds, you can't tense up if you start feeling it's about to go though
  12. turn on a tap or search up water sounds. after this question you can turn them off, (as ur listening, think of waterfalls)
  13. push on bladder for 20 seconds
  14. annnnd relax bladder for a minute (no cheating)
  15. ticle yourself, did you pee?
  16. LAST ONE. pee how big is the spot?

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