The Hardest Pee Quiz Ever

If you've ever seen any "I can make you pee!" quizzes on this site, and you've done them, you either came out dry, or wet. Either way, this is the hardest, and longest one on the site. 60 questions long. You will 100% wet yourself.

If you are not willing to wet your pants, please do not attempt this quiz. If you do want to soak yourself though, come on in! This quiz will take around 3 hours, so hopefully you have a lot of time!

Created by: peeboy

  1. First off, whenever you try these quizzes, do you usually pee yourself?
  2. Alright, do you have to pee right now?
  3. If you chose any of the top three, drink 700mL (3 cups) of water and come back.
  4. What is your gender?
  5. Alright, now if you were to not drink anything, which of these describes you right now?
  6. ..more answers
  7. Now.. it's time for the challenges! Challenge 1 is to drink 2 cups of water. [around 470mL], and come back. How do you feel now?
  8. Challenge 2 is to do 10 squats. Very simple! How do you feel?
  9. Challenge 3! I'm sure you're thirsty after doing those squats. Let's have some water! 1.5 cups of it. (355mL), while you're drinking it, watch the full-blast tap, and continue for 10 minutes watching it. How do you feel now?
  10. Time for some stretches! Challenge 4 is to: Sit down with your legs spread and reach for your toes, stay like that for 20 seconds - then, Lie down and raise 1 leg to the ceiling, stay like that for 20 seconds - then, squat down as far as you can, and stay there for 20 seconds. How are you feeling now?
  11. Alright, time for Challenge 5. All you need to do is stand up straight, and relax everything for one full minute. DO NOT HOLD YOURSELF, or move at all. Do not stop until the minute is over, even if you are leaking. Sit back down when the minute is over. (set a timer!) How are you feeling?
  12. Time for a break from challenges! How wet are you?
  13. Have you ever purposely wet yourself before?
  14. Alright, challenge 6! Push on your bladder for ten seconds, then wait a minute, and push on it for another ten seconds. How do you feel now?
  15. These challenges have been really rapidfire, huh? Time for a break. Challenge 7: Drink 2 cups of water [470mL or so], and wait for 30 minutes. You may hold yourself however you need to, just come back in 30 minutes. Do whatever you want during that time (except pee, I guess). How are you feeling now?
  16. Do you think you'll make it?
  17. Challenge 8! Remember the challenge where you stand up straight and relax everything for a minute, and you're not allowed to hold yourself? Well, this challenge is that again, except for 2 minutes, and you can't hold AT ALL. You can't use your hands, etc. You also can not try to stop if you begin to pee. Did you make it?
  18. Challenge 9! This one is simple. Push on your bladder for 30 seconds. That's it! How are you doing?
  19. To celebrate challenge 10: Remember question 13? Yeah, your answer is gonna be yes now. Relax until you wet yourself, for around 2 seconds OR 2 spurts. You can't use your hands or move at all to stop yourself. How are you?
  20. Time for Challenge 11! Drink 2 cups (470mL) of water, then push on your bladder for 30 seconds every 5 minutes for half an hour. If that's confusing: Think about it like this: [1:00] Push on your bladder for 30 seconds. [1:05] Push on your bladder for 30 seconds. [1:10] push on your bladder for 30 seconds, etc until [1:30] because that's half an hour. How are you now?
  21. You're one third there! Now, for challenge 12: Push on your stomach lightly and push lightly for 5 seconds. How are you now?
  22. Challenge 13! You're probably thirsty. Go drink 3 glasses of water, and come back in 5 minutes. How are you doing?
  23. Challenge 14: Push on your bladder for 30 seconds. That's all. Very simple!
  24. Time for some daydreaming. I wouldn't really count these as "challenges". Imagine yourself sitting on a toilet and peeing your heart out.. the sound of pee hitting the water.. the feel of release.. How do you feel?
  25. Now imagine yourself, outside, needing to pee really badly. You go into a forest, looking for a place to relieve yourself. You search for hours. With every step you take the urge gets worse. Until, your bladder presses and drips of pee run down your legs. You're out of time. You search frantically for a bush. You find one, but your zipper is stuck. After a minute of trying to get your pants off, your bladder gives in, and you feel wet relief run down your legs and onto the ground. You just lay down on the ground and relax, now peeing your heart out.. your pants soaked, pee trickling down your legs.. How do you feel?
  26. Last imagination! You are in gym class, you've needed to pee all morning. You sit down and you feel like you cant hold it anymore you're about to ask to use the bathroom, someone made you and you friend jump and you notice a slight wet patch on their gym shorts then they asked to go to the toilet you're only allowed to go 1 at a time so you think you can hold it a bit longer. You start to leak a little bit, then you're able to hold it. You start the workout and during sit-ups you feel a bit of pee start coming out, you squeeze your legs together and put your hands on your crotch, your friend is just getting back from the bathroom. Just then you lose it, warm pee spilling over your hands, soaking your shorts, and puddling on the floor beneath you.. How do you feel after imagining that?
  27. Challenge 15! Lean your bladder against a counter for 30 seconds, and relax. How are you feeling?
  28. Challenge 16! Time for you to wet yourself. Pee yourself for 1 second, or for 1 spurt. How much did you pee?
  29. Challenge 17! Just give yourself 10 little pushes, no more, no less.
  30. Challenge 18! This one is very simple. Just let out a little bit. Not too much! Just a little bit.
  31. You're halfway done! Time for a break. Drink 3 glasses of water, and come back in 15 minutes. Then, sit down for 30 seconds without holding yourself.
  32. Challenge 20! Yay! These next 4 questions will be you purposely peeing yourself, just to tell your privates "Hey, why aren't you making my pants wet enough yet?" Now lightly push your stomach and push lightly for 20 seconds, but if you don't pee in that amount of time, keep doing it until you do. How wet are you?
  33. Challenge 21! This is challenge 2/4 until we're back with the challenges you can succeed on. Lightly push your stomach, again, but spread your legs wide and push until you pee. How wet are you?
  34. Challenge 22! Lean your bladder against a counter, and relax until you pee yourself. How wet are you?
  35. Challenge 23! This is your last question that you NEED to pee yourself. (for now), pee yourself for 3 seconds OR give yourself 3 spurts. How much did you go?
  36. Cool! Now that your pants are wet, time for Challenge 25. Sit on the toilet fully clothed for 4 minutes. How are you doing now?
  37. Time for challenge 26! Push your bladder against a counter, and relax for 40 seconds. How are you?
  38. Challenge 27 time! Sit on the toilet with just your underwear on for 3 minutes. How are you?
  39. Challenge 28! You're doing great so far! For this one, close your eyes.. relax all your muscles.. then suddenly, push hard for half a second! How are you?
  40. Challenge 29! You're two thirds there! Stand with your legs as far apart as possible for 1 minute.
  41. Challenge 30! Since we seem to be celebrating every 10, let's celebrate again! Give yourself one little squirt. That's it.
  42. Now, challenge 31! Squat down and push for 15 seconds. How are you doing?
  43. Challenge 32! Do a squat, and stay like that for 30 seconds. How are you doing?
  44. Challenge 33! Relax and think of yourself swimming in a really cold pool, and you have to pee really badly.. but then, you just can't hold it anymore, and you let it all loose, with a warm yellow blanket swarming around you in the pool..
  45. It's time for challenge 34. Since it's rule 34, it's gonna be a bit inappropriate. If you're under 18, feel free to skip this question. Take off all of your clothes, and touch yourself for 10 minutes, do whatever you want to hold yourself.
  46. After that, it's time for challenge 35! You can continue if you are under 18. This one is simple. Imagine yourself, sitting wherever you are right now, just imagine yourself completely wetting yourself, without a single drop left..
  47. Challenge 36! Sit in the same place for 15 minutes. Ah welcome back, how are you doing now?
  48. Challenge 37. Punch your bladder, then, don't hold yourself for 1 minute. How are you?
  49. Challenge 38! Remember those relaxing challenges? Time to do them again! Stand up, and relax everything, without holding yourself at all, losing all control of your body, basically. For 2 minutes and 30 seconds. How are you now?
  50. It's time for challenge 39. Only 8 more challenges left! This challenge is to drink 5 glasses of water, and come back in 10 minutes. How are you doing now?
  51. Challenge 40!! Let's celebrate again. It's time to strip yourself fully naked. Take off all your clothes, pants, underwear, shirt, glasses, etc. Go fully naked! [Go in a private room] Now stop holding yourself for one minute. Do not put your clothes back on, I need you naked for the next few questions! How are you doing?
  52. Challenge 41! Lie on the floor with your legs spread as far apart as possible, and tickle your bladder for 1 minute.. how are you feeling? (If you're a boy and got an erection, you might pee on yourself. Sorry!)
  53. Challenge 42! You are really close! I bet you feel awkward naked right now. Put your underwear on! Your underwear only. Now fill a cup up with cold water, and hold it for 1 minute. How are you feeling?
  54. Since you have that cup, dump it all out, and fill it up with hot water instead! For challenge 43, place that cup in your underwear, on your bladder. Do not hold yourself for 1 minute! Take the cup out after the minute is over. How are you doing?
  55. Time to take that underwear off again. You should be fully naked again. All you gotta do is push on your bladder and close your eyes, thinking of peeing all over the floor. Run the tap, and (still pushing your bladder) learn forward for 2 seconds, and go back (do that 10 times). How are you feeling now?
  56. Challenge 45! You are so close! Might as well still be naked, refill your cup with warm water (make sure it won't burn you) and pour it all over your bladder, and wait for a minute. Then, push on your bladder for 10 seconds. How are you now?
  57. The final challenge is up next! But first, Have you taken a shower yet today? I guess we can have Challenge 46, take a warm, relaxing shower for 10 minutes. But, when you step out, do not dry off, stay there for 1 minute. If you've already taken a shower today, I guess you can just do this substitute: put your pants back on, and lean your bladder against a counter for 1 and a half minutes. How are you feeling?
  58. This is the final challenge. You can finally put your clothes back on, now, pee yourself for 5 seconds, or do 5 spurts. How much did you do?
  59. Just kidding, this is the final challenge. Push on your bladder, hard, and push hard in general, for one full minute. If, in some world, somewhere, you did not pee by doing this, you are not allowed to go to the bathroom at all until you pee yourself, even after this quiz is over. That is your punishement. How are you now?
  60. You're finally free!!! Please leave a message telling me your results, and go ahead and change your clothes now (unless you answered one of the top three on the last question), goodbye, friend!

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