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    "Don't waste your lives hating. You all must like her to some degree if you are actually going to have a whole discussion about this. "
  • Team Edward or Team Jacob
    "team who cares. "
  • "Okay guys read the title again. she sayed "Post a comment if you like the show Hannah Montana" and everyone who hates her came here intentio..."
  • try my quiz
    "It doesn't say youve mad any quizzes..?"
  • "Thier actually working on the movie I actually saw the first few minutes of it. What happened was they used to much money for the first part..."
  • "YES FINALLY I thought I was the only person on the planet that was not obsessed about that movie! I have never seen it but Ive heard about i..."
  • Justin Bieber!
    "I dislike him as well -no offence to everyone who loves him-"
  • Grey's Anatomy
    "I like this show and i'm only 12. (don't tell my parents) XD"
  • joe jonas
    "After reading the other comments here, I'm not so sure I actually want to watch that video on youtube. "
  • sponge bob gay pants
    "My dad loves spongebob! Ive been growning out of it a bit but its hilarious to catch my dad hiding in my room watching that show. XD"

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