would YOU survive the zombie apocalypse?

in the near future, zombies will become top of the food chain....that is unless you make sure their at the bottom.but u have 2 understand that, killing humans, thats easy! killing zombies, now thats a whole nother story...

can YOU survive the zombie apocalypse??? this quiz will help u determine what to do when this happens, what supplies u will need, and many more. now the zombie apocalypse must b taken seriously as it is a life or death situation!!

Created by: eric

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  1. the zombie apocalypse has started, what do u do?
  2. zombies r closeing in on your house, what do u do?
  3. zombies have raided your home and u need a way 2 escape, what do u pick 2 get away in?
  4. u need 2 protect u (and your party), what weapons do u bring?
  5. zombies have surrounded u, what do u do?
  6. one of your team mates have been bitten by a zombie, what do u do?
  7. YOU have been bitten by a zombie, what do u do?
  8. your out of gasoline and ammo and a group of swarming zombies start 2 head toward u, what do u do?
  9. bandits try 2 steal your stuff, what do u do?
  10. the zombie apocalypse is finally over, what do u do?

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