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  • "You obviously read it given how butthurt you are and how you continue to respond. Top kek.Talk about self destructive and stupi"
  • "You're stupid if you think I'm bothering to read yet another butthurt paragraph. Go back to tumblr- I heard they have great safe and trigger..."
  • "Lol kid, you're the one who wrote long ass paragraphs just because you're butthurt that people are telling you to stop acting like an entitl..."
  • "I don't mean to fuel the topic and excuse me if it was sarcastic, but how exactly is that even xenophobic? You can still type in several dif..."
  • Thread.
    "Hm, how troublesome.. I'm not one for confrontation but I suppose there's really no other way around it."
  • Thread.
    "Can you imagine feeling so privileged and entitled that you complain about celebration days? The edginess movement is most definitely full o..."
  • Thread.
    "God... I wish this person would stop making contact so impossible. It'd be so much easier if they could just tell me that they don't want to..."
  • Thread.
    "It's quite rough trying to balance my responsibilities while also learning Korean, I've figured. I mean I speak various other languages, but..."
  • "The amount of people suggesting Sword Art Online makes me want to gauge out my eyes and drink bleach... Perhaps you should intr"
  • Not to be fake emo
    "Yeah. It's quite troublesome isn't it? There isn't much of an option than to bear through it."
  • Not to be fake emo
    "You know that feeling, when you want to apologize to someone but you can't anymore? When you lose someone and at first, you just want to apo..."
  • "Japanese, Chinese, English, and Spanish pretty fluently. Portuguese kinda, my conversational skills need some work."
  • Wow..
    "Heh.. it's incredible what people waste their time doing. Must be nice spamming up forums while you yell at your mom for more pizza rolls, n..."
  • Wow..
    "The waters here seemed kinda safe but... Nice suddenly coming back to see the weebs at it and practicing their Japanese... directly from pro..."
  • ">tokyo ghoul >fairy tale for someone who acts like an elitist and calls people animefags, you surprising have a generi"

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