What languages can you speak?

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Thread Topic: What languages can you speak?

  • Ljohnson10 Newbie
    English, Spanish, French, and a little German
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    Bonnie Fan Novice
    English,Spanish,French,Italian,Japanese, And German

    The ones past Spanish I only know a little
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    meep da first Senior
    Fluent in English and I know basic Spanish
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    imafancyjag Novice
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    futami Newbie
    Japanese, Chinese, English, and Spanish pretty fluently. Portuguese kinda, my conversational skills need some work.
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    SkyKirin Novice
    English, some German, mostly Icelandic.
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    Hazelbear Novice
    I'm learning Spanish and I love it! Right now I'm just using Duolingo and Tinycards (an app by duolingo), but I'll be taking a class when school starts too ;3

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