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  • Hi it's doglovergirl
    "Again hi *hugs*"
  • Role play!
    "Alexei contuiued jogging"
  • ello
    "On tashas roleplay I'm waiting"
  • 1x1 highschool soap?
  • Role play!
    "(Saara my thread jaggie s thread) Alexei still waiting for a answer"
  • MxM fantasy no plot
    "Do you want me too or your friends and you (fallenstep and the other guy)"
  • MxM fantasy no plot
    "I'll join if you want me too"
  • 1x1 highschool soap?
    "You were looking around? smart gale said"
  • 1x1 highschool soap?
  • 1x1 highschool soap?
    "Shhh be quiet gale yelled whispering your gonna get us caught but after he smiled why are you wandering?"
  • 1x1 highschool soap?
    "Then gale motioned with his hand to stop "wait here" said gale to Sam gale saw flora wandering and descided to sneak up which he did "book"!..."
  • Role play!
    "Alexei just heard her and took his ear buds out hi kera! Said Alexei sweating"
  • jaggies thread
    "Pour some sugar on me In the name of love"
  • 1x1 highschool soap?
    "Sam and gale snuck around the mansion but gale had trouble ever since Sam got shocked he now has a glow from his blood which is bright yello..."
  • Hiiiii!!!!! I'm new =>
    "Cameron click on your profile and see it says link quiz Type my personal shout out And password is jaggie"

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