What languages can you speak?

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Thread Topic: What languages can you speak?

  • Random101 Novice
    English, and also, everyone who posts on here speaks English, or else they couldn't read the question.
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    Olive Girl Junior
    English, a little bit of Spanish, and a ton of Korean.
  • Engligh, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, and Korean.
  • FluffyEtini Newbie
    Japanese french English
    I know basic words in russian like yes no thank you bye
    I can count to 5 in russian
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    doglovergirl Novice
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    AllHailLelouch Advanced
    Satanic, Martian, and Democratic :-)
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    English, Russian, a little bit of Spanish and Korean.
  • Luv myself Novice
    English, some Spanish, some French, and Idiot language. Lol
  • I'm only fluent in English but can say I love you in around a dozen languages .
  • lazermazer Novice
    English, little Japanese, Little little little Spanish
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    bunny23 Novice
    English Spanish Italian German french
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    Laurence_ Novice
    My own language ( it's not fully finished yet) , a little Japanese ( a little and I mean a little ) German and French also a few bits of Spanish.
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    Laurence_ Novice
    Also English .
  • heartkinz17 Newbie
    english, french, bits of japanese and i can read some spanish but only cuz its so similar to english and french
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    lazermazer Novice
    does pigeon count?, little hawaiian i can count to 20, and yeah

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