What languages can you speak?

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Thread Topic: What languages can you speak?

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    English is my first language, but I know a bit of German and Swedish, but mostly German. I'm trying to learn Irish, but holy f--- it's really difficult for me. I also know a very, tiny bit of French, and I want to learn Russian soon.
  • Sharon Lewis Newbie
    English,a little bit of french and some african languages.
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    Slim_t Senior
    Gaelics a dying language anyway bunnie.

    I speak spanish and english right now. Used to be pretty conversational im japanese but that was a long time ago at this point. Ive been playimg with chinese lately and working on some german for my impendimg trip there
  • English + spanish
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    Slim: Yeah, I know, but I've always been fascinated (and by always, for the past four years) with Gaelic or old Celtic languages, as I had to sing a song in some old Scottish Gaelic or something of the sort in the sixth grade.
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    love54 Novice
    I can speak: English, Urdu, Hindi
    I am learning: Spanish
    And I can read, but not speak: Arabic
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    love54 Novice
    Oh, I know a few words in Japanese from watching anime.
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    kwright Senior
    English, German and some Japanese and Korean
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    Jeeshan Novice
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    Superiority Novice
    Russian, Latvian, English, Japanese, French and one that I have created myself.
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    Superiority Novice
    And Gaelic.
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    Jeeshan Novice
    And Hsilgne and Ferboits.

    (Hsilgne was created by Misty and Ferboits, by me.)
  • FrenchGirl Newbie
    French is my native language,
    i think i'm pretty good at english (learned it for 8 years)
    i learned german for 5 years but i'm really bad at it
    i know a few words in spanish, and that's all
  • Le1F Novice
  • Barackk Obama Newbie
    English. Honestly the only language worth knowing. Everyone's learning English.

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