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  • How well do you know me?
    [published: Nov 25, 2015]

    I've made this kind of quiz before. But this one is slightly different. I hope you like it. And of…

  • Lyrics... first lyric quiz under my account!
    [published: Oct 15, 2015]

    I've made quite a few lyric quizzes, but that was before I had my account. (And…

  • which maid-sama character are you❔
    [published: Aug 25, 2015]

    I love ❤ maid sama so much. Take this quiz and find out, out of hinata, usui,and…

  • My final Quiz! Bye!
    [published: Jun 7, 2015]

    Okay people if you care enough to read this. This is gonna be my last quiz until I either get my own computer…

  • Do you you know me?
    [published: Jun 4, 2015]

    Let us see, do you know anything About me: LOVE54!! BYE BYE BYE BYE!! I shall see ya' later!!! Adios Amigo!…

  • We are back with RIDDLES!!!
    [published: Jun 3, 2015]

    Take this quiz and (hopefully) have a lot of fun!! this is like my fifth riddle thing but only my…

  • How well do you know Yu Yu Hakusho?
    [published: Jun 3, 2015]

    There are a lot of animes in this world. Yu Yu Hakusho is one of them... Lots of people would…

  • Can you solve these riddles?
    [published: Jun 2, 2015]

    Riddles! Riddles! Riddles! Riddles! ALL HAIL RIDDLES! Lots and lots of people believe to be clever,…

  • Could we ever be friends?
    [published: Feb 13, 2015]

    I like all sorts of people! But do I like them enough to be their friend? Well... why would you care.…

  • How well do you know Yu Yu Hakusho?
    [published: Feb 12, 2015]

    How well do you really know Yu Yu Hakusho!!! Well... take this really super easy quiz and…

  • Which Fruits Basket Character are you?
    [published: Feb 9, 2015]

    Have you ever watched Fruits Basket? If you have continue reading, if you haven't go to…

  • Witch fairy tail character are you?
    [published: Dec 22, 2014]

    There are a lot of important characters in Fairy Tail. I only included a few. Anyways, take…

  • Tricks or what...
    [published: Dec 4, 2014]

    Will you get tricked or not lets find out... This program sucks but at the same time it rocks!!!!! So how was…

  • Which Yu Yu Hakoshu charectar are you?
    [published: Dec 3, 2014]

    yusuke, Keiko, or more! Which one are you?? Dunno? Take this quiz and find…

  • How do you handle bad situations
    [published: Dec 2, 2014]

    There all kinds of situations. Bad, Good, Middle. But when it is bad a few people make it out.…

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