How well do you know Yu Yu Hakusho?

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How well do you really know Yu Yu Hakusho!!! Well... take this really super easy quiz and find out!! I promise you the questions are really easy!! Well I think so anyway.

Take it!! Take it!! I dare you to!! #KIDDING! of course ! I just wanna get this over with!... So how have you been? I've been great thanks for asking!

Created by: love54

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  1. Lets start with an easy one! What color does Yusuke wear to school?
  2. What is Hiei's long lost sister's name?
  3. What is Yusuke's bird's name?
  4. Is blue boton's real hair color?
  5. Why was Hiei abandoned when he was little?
  6. What kind of demon is Kurama?
  7. Is Hiei's Jugan eye real?
  8. Does Kuwabara wear the right uniform for his school.
  9. Yusuke calls Genkai...
  10. Who was Genkai's old friend?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Yu Yu Hakusho?