How well do you know yu yu hakusho?

Have you watched the Yu Yu Hakusho series by Yoshihero Togashi? It was one of the best anime of the old times. With awesome characters and exceptional sound effects.

Ever wondered how mush you know or remember the series? Well, if you want to find out, this Is the quiz for you! Get rated in percentages and find out how well you know your characters.

Created by: princess red6
  1. Okay, first question: do you know what yu yu hakusho is?
  2. Who dies in the first episode?
  3. How many times did Yusuke die?
  4. Which plant weapon does Kurama use most?
  5. How many hours does Hiei have to hibernate after using the kokuryuha?
  6. Which two characters are twins?
  7. What are the three worlds in YYH.
  8. How did Kurama Kill Ura Uraishima?
  9. What is Yomi's son's name?
  10. What is Kurama's hair color in the manga?
  11. Last question: how many episodes does Yu Yu hakusho have?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know yu yu hakusho?