Which Yu Yu Hakoshu charectar are you?

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yusuke, Keiko, or more! Which one are you?? Dunno? Take this quiz and find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's do this NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are YOU yusuke, or Keiko, or someone else?? Wanna Know?? Take this quiz to find out! (No clue who the heck I'm talking about? Just take it for fun, and then search YU YU HAKUSHO HAVE FUN!

Created by: love54

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  1. Ahh! demons have dictated the world! What the heck do you do??
  2. Some cracked people have been hanging by your school entrance a lot! One day one of them come to you, you know there is going to be a fight! What will YOU DO??
  3. You lost the spelling bee! What the hey do you do?
  4. What is 9+10?
  5. Someone captured your friend! What do you do??????
  6. What power would you want, or what kind of demon would you like to be?
  7. Power/Demon Cont.
  8. Who does Kaiko like-like!
  9. Is having a pet egg good?
  10. You woke up and realized you were not in your house anymore! What the heck do you???????

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Quiz topic: Which Yu Yu Hakoshu charectar am I?