How Well Do You Know Cerise Hood?

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Hello. I'm Cerise Hood. Want to take my quiz? Help yourself. I will tell you random things about me at the end. I'm from the school Ever After High. How well do you know me?

Do you have the successful knowledge of knowing who I really am? If so, answer each question carefully and honestly to see if you know who I really am.

Created by: Cerise Hood

  1. Hi. I'm Cerise Hood. I go to Ever After High. I'm not really happy today because I'm still trying to hide my ears away from people. Anyways, I made a quiz to see how well you know me. I hope you have fun taking my quiz. First things first, am I a Royal or a Rebel?
  2. Who are my parents?
  3. True or false? I'm part wolf.
  4. True or false? I have a pet rabbit.
  5. True or false? I'm a kid.
  6. True or false? I'm a girl.
  7. Okay, I'm going to do 20 questions total. Next question, what color is my hood?
  8. What type of girl am I?
  9. What's my favorite food?
  10. What's my favorite color?
  11. 10 more questions to go. Next question, what's my type of person?
  12. I'm always?
  13. My personality?
  14. 7 to go. Next question, my power?
  15. Why don't I want to follow in my Mother and Father's destiny?
  16. What type of story am I?
  17. What color is my hair?
  18. What is my eye color?
  19. 2 more questions left. Next question, I hide what part of me?
  20. Last question. I just wanted to say, thank you for taking my first quiz. Maybe I'll be more happier next time. Not that I'm mad, I'm just sad that's all. But making this quiz makes my feel pretty good! Thanks, you guys! Last question. What am I afraid of?

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