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  • What if?
    "uhhhm... i think that would be kind strange lol what if you woke up one day and found out that the past 10 years of your life h"
  • "SadL"
  • "let the squirrel swarm the superior knees and seas new sentence :) never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, nev"
  • copy the user above you
  • Foxy's Den
    "i must share a very important and very not fun thing, because i feel like oversharing today. on the first 5k of thee season, on of the"
  • "do chairs exist? are we all just doing squats in the air and imagining that the chairs are there? maybe that's why people stare at me😂"
  • But, it's not the end.
    ""yay! maybe we can play board games!" Mimi claps and pulls a random board game out of her backpack. "it's exploding kittens. because the kit..."
  • There is no moon cheese
    ""well maybe you could go into accounting, you could make a lot of money from that," Cleo laughs"
  • spies (kachow)
    "i'm coming over! hold on a sec i'm in class! "sheesh, Max, why you gotta be so nosy," she rolls her eyes jokingly and raises he"
  • Foxy's Den
    "i have returned! very briefly to comment on a few roleplays and make sure that no one has forgotten about me lol. i hope everyone is doing o..."
  • Foxy's Den
    "and now i must disappear again... i've become nonexistent after school started."
  • Foxy's Den
    "i need to drop one of my sports, this is too much. i don't even have time for clash of clan anymore😭"
    ""that's cool, what was your favorite play to watch?""
  • Foxy's Den
    "hello👋 i have finally returned. i finished most of my homework... ok fine i still have a lot left to do, but oh well. i'll just do it "
  • Foxy's Den
    "i'm very sorry, but i must abandon gtq again😢 i will be online tomorrow though! i can promise that because i am 80% sure that i don't "

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