how hot are you (girls)

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wondering how hot you are? try out this quiz and find out. . ~^*^~ <> _-_-_ /\\/|[]}{} ~^*^~ . disclaimer this may be inaccurate and is mainly for joking around

sorry if the quiz is kinda bad guys, i made it at 3am because i didn't really have anything better to do and was pulling an all-nighter with some friends.

Created by: FoxyWolf
  1. age?
  2. favorite color? (don't come after me for this)
  3. eye color?
  4. do you have freckles?
  5. do you think you are hot?
  6. current state of your teeth?
  7. favorite hobby that you are actually good at?
  8. how is your skincare routine?
  9. favorite animal out of these?
  10. what is your personality most like?
  11. if you were the most attractive straight female in the world, and a guy who you weren't into came over and asked you out, what would be your reaction? (also you are currently single)

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Quiz topic: How hot am I (girls)