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  • Main reason I like yaoi.
    "I like yaoi, as do most of my friends. I've been wanting to watch Gravitation for a while now."
  • "Really? I like horror. I'd like to read some, do you happen to post your stories online? It must be pretty scary if you scare yourself by re..."
  • "Is it bad when you become so incredibly wrapped up in your own fanfic, you don't notice anything around you? Bah. I tend to zone out "
    "OMG I HATE INUYASHA NOW. *huggles new pic*"
    "I ABSOLUTELY DIED, PPL. But I am moderatley disturbed by that video. o-e"
  • So I was drawing...
    "Blah, i gtg.. I shall see you later, goodbye."
  • So I was drawing...
    "Hurrhurr. :B What may I call you?"
  • So I was drawing...
    "Sure ^^ Thank you. Um.. Well I'll message you when I get on again? Hopefully it'll be some time next week, whe"
  • So I was drawing...
    "Huh. I like that :o And nah... I'mma try to fix it over the summer. Hopefully it won't explode."
  • So I was drawing...
    "Emmy? hehe. Why? and yeah. my computer died. I'm at school right now.Everyones partying because its the last day. ... I'm the nerd in the ba..."
  • So I was drawing...
    "Aw well don't I feel speshul c:"
  • So I was drawing...
    "Um. Whenever I go on other sites people call me Blazey .w. I was listening to the song Emergency by Paramore and it was like... I need to ma..."
  • So I was drawing...
    "Hum. Maybe if I get used to her creepy factors I'll get used to her.."
  • So I was drawing...
    "Should I rid of her?"
  • So I was drawing...
    "Well she just.. empty looking. She has very very pale skin and dark blue eyes, and her hair is a black that fades toward the roots. Shes hal..."

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