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  • ~New Flame~
    "I LOVE CAPES!!!!!!!"
  • ~New Flame~
  • ~New Flame~
    "Rocking chair?!! Ahahahahaha!"
  • ~New Flame~
    "A hahaha!!!"
  • ~New Flame~
    "Where are you?"
  • ~New Flame~
    "Kim Na Na. Bear Na Na. Chicken Na Na. The names Lee Yoon Wrong called Kim."
  • I have a question
    "Lilith seems very nice!! (I mean...She follows me on IG. Only Kim will understand tho)"
  • ~Charlie Philips~
    "Nicole grabbed her spray paint cans. "Here have some!" She gave some to Thomas. And he simply blinked in confusion. "We don't kn"
  • Horse lover~
    "He couldn't see Jade. Well he could. But it was blurry. He started looking for his glasses."
  • ""I wanna cook something for you!!" Paris said."
  • Charlie
    "I heart it."
  • ~Charlie Philips~
    ""OH NO-! DAD RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! SHES THINKING!!" Nicole yelled and ran off. Thomas shrugged and stood and slowly ran away"
  • Hey peeps!
    "Here? Okay."
  • Hey peeps!
  • "(JEESHAN!! WHY AM I NOTICING THIS NOW?!!) Pretty warm."

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