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    Plot 86 : Bump in the Night
    Muse A is a paranormal enthusiast. They spend hours researching and analyzing data that other investigators have collected, yearning to one day conduct an investigation of their own. Right before Halloween, the opportunity arises not too far from Muse As hometown to join other amateur paranormal investigators on a hunt, and absolutely nothing can keep Muse A from purchasing their ticket.
    The event location is a well-known building that Muse B had been sneaking into for years, the long abandoned county psychiatric hospital. Although the structure has been empty of cases, doctors and administration for nearly thirty years, most local residents insist that the spirits of the patients, homeless, criminally insane, and terminally ill still reside there. Muse B figures why not get a ticket for the ghost hunt, and see if they can validate the strange experiences theyve had in the past.
    On the night of the investigation, Muse A and Muse B both show up to the county psychiatric hospital. Most participants are there in pairs. The event organizers insist no one work alone, so they pair up Muse A and Muse B for the evening.
    Will the impromptu team find success and capture the evidence theyve both been hoping for, or will they simply be left in the dark?
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    Actually, ignore that. I'm gonna edit the plot.
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    St. James Mental Asylum was once famous for locking up the dangerously insane. But when locking up people for having a mental illness is no longer allowed, the humans shut down the creepy 'hospital'. Leaving the 'patients' in there. The patients soon die and the place is left abondoned except for the ghost that haunt it.

    Unknown to the humans, there is another dimension. Exactly like this one, only everyone is a magical creature of some kind. The only link to this dimension and the human one is the ghost in this Asylum. When humans plain to actually use the building, these ghost could be in danger. So in the magical dimension, C1 and C2 are hired to help the ghost accept the fact that they died. Which is very difficult with the special abilities of each Ghost.

    Will C1 and C2 be successful? Will their fears or the fears and tragedies of the ghost consume them? Will they fail in their mission? Will they survive? Will they fall in love? And what will they learn?
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    DracuLaura Novice
    I heart it.
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    Oh! I forgot! Add a Bio. And no it isn't optional.
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    Charlie Philips Experienced
    Name: Olivia Blooms.
    Age(16-25): Twenty.
    Gender: Female.
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Species: Witch.
    Hair: long, curly brown hair with blonde tips.
    Eyes: Dark Blue.
    Skin: Olive toned.
    Features: ??
    Clothes: black shiny pants, white crop top, black leather jacket, and silver glittery sneakers.
    Personality: Olivia seems to be a bit too nice and honest at times. She can also be a bit devious but is still a sweet and charming girl. Olivia is sometimes clumsy when it comes to magic and is not as tough as she thinks she is. However she's very caring. Olivia doesn't like being helped. But she loves helping. Her signature gesture is waving her hand up and down and then pointing her index finger on the object or thing or person she's casting spell on. Rebellious. The rest shall be known.
    Likes: glitter, inventing machines, tulips, smiles, scrap-booking.
    Dislikes: She doesn't like to lie, which she is terrible at.
    Fears: Cynophobia
    Strengths: ??
    Powers(3max): Spell casting. Invisibility. Photokinesis.
    Bio: Olivia's mom died when she was just three. Her mom is a witch too. She has a star shaped birthmark on her foot; which the chosen one is destined to have. She is the Chosen One in the witches world. Maria is Olivia it is known she was a witch, and Olivia has inherited her powers. Maria was also possibly the chosen one. Olivia works hard to get advanced powers and considers turning back time to see her again, and tries and tries, even taking a few witches and wizards powers. Although, after her friends set up an intervention she reconsiders. Olivia is known to be a bit more rebellious. Her friends and family always come before the magic realm to her. She fights more for what she believes in, not giving up her powers. She seems to finally accept her role as the Chosen One and begins make decision for the magic realm. Bleh...
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    Charlie Philips Experienced
    Maria is Olivia's mom.

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    Magie Magic Advanced
    (I'll make mine later cause I feel lazy right now.)
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    Charlie Philips Experienced
    Men too
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