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  • 1 word story
  • "Someone who cares. Someone who listens. Someone who likes me for who I am. And a relationship that goes both ways"
  • Would You Rather?
    "Burn. It's quicker. Would you rather date your worst enemy or a teacher?"
  • ""
  • Character Names?
    "How about Diana? (I'm not very good with names sorry)"
  • Story Chain
    "ANNOUNCEMENT(not part of story): I can feel it. This story is withering out. If you want to start a new story, go ahead. I might start"
  • Story Chain
    "********** Skyla felt herself hit something soft on the ground. She was in complete darkness and could not see what it was. Slowly, sh"
  • Story Chain
    "Skyla, Zed, Kat and Roran stared up at the Victorian mansion in front of them. It was a menacing silhouette and was such a dark black it cou..."
  • Story Chain
    "Ok, Ill start a story. Post to continue it!"
  • Enter My Den
    "The pass changes every week"
  • Enter My Den
    "Sorry thats not the hint the hint is an anagram, TWO of the words dont count. if you guess correct then you can enter and chat!!!!!"
  • Enter My Den
    "Hint: D"

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