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  • Skyla, Zed, Kat and Roran stared up at the Victorian mansion in front of them. It was a menacing silhouette and was such a dark black it could be seen against the ebony night sky. Kat snapped a photo of it with her cellphone and whipped out her notebook and pen.
    So, What crisis occured here? She asked nervously. Roran gulped.
    A murder.
    Sweat chilled the four teens necks as they cautiously advanced towards the entrance, being careful not to trip over the stones that littered the path. Kats hands were shaking as she wrote the case down. Skyla knocked on the wooden door. No one answered. She knocked again. Still no reply. As she raised her hand to knock the third time, a voice boomed out from behind them.
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    Skyla whipped around faster than her friends, prepared to attack. Her hand edged toward the dagger she held in her belt. Everyone else turned simultaneously, eyes wide and worried. A snorting laugh came from the darkness. "I totally got you guys!" A small red-headed boy with freckles and glasses stepped from the shadows. "Ugh! Todd!" Kat groaned. This boy was obsessed with her. He knew where she lived, what time her favourite show was on every night, and exactly what outfit she wore to watch it. Basically, he was her stalker. "What? I followed you! When Kat left her house I was instantly concerned. She missed her favourite show, and she wasn't wearing her jigglypuff onesie. So I followed you guys!" Kat groaned again. Zed cleared his throat loudly, and the five swivelled. What greeted them wasn't what they expected.
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    Two blood red eyes stared back at them. Todd whimpered, Roran and Zed backed away, Skyla lunged forward, dagger in hand and Kat whipped out her cellphone taking photos.
    Kat, what the hell! Roran yelled, RUN!!!
    The five sprinted towards the gate as fast as they could. Just as they were about to reach it, the gates slammed shut.
    Darn it! Skyla shrieked.
    They all turned around. Whatever had been there was gone. Inching forwards, they walked carefully until Todd stepped on something with a sickening crunch.
    Everyone jumped.
    Todd had stepped on a skull.
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    Todd sheepishly turned around and gave a nervous laugh. Quick to apologize, "Sorry guys."

    " Never mind that! How are we getting out here?" Kat shrieked.

    "Why have we come here in the first place?" Roran asked, while inhaling deeply, hoping it would calm him.

    No one answered but they all knew why. They've all been having strange mysterious dreams about the mansion. Each one of them being lured to the mansion.

    "You know why! ...- Skyla whimpered, dropping to her knees with her dagger on her side -... why us? Why are we having these dreams?"

    Zed sighed and patted Skyla's shoulder ,"None of us know why, but all we know is that it must have something to do with this mansion and it would seems like something doesn't want us to leave."

    "Ooh, looks like we have a mystery on our hands." Todd joked and swung his arm around Kat.

    Kat felt a chill run down her spine, a chill of disgust ," Don't act stupid Todd."

    Kat whispered," Did he just quote scooby-doo?" "Yeah. What a weirdo." Zed sighed and turned around. He walked a few steps further when suddenly the ground beneath him gave way and swallowed him whole.
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    OMG. ZED!!! Skyla screamed, and ran towards where hed fell.
    Skyla, NO! Roran hollered, chasing her.
    The ground swallowed them both up.
    Kat stared at the scene in shock, too scared to move. Todd smirked and ran up to her side.
    Its you and me, Katrina. So either we work together and stay alive or we separate and die. With me at your side, nothing will get in your way.
    Youre already in my way, so you can stop sounding like an advertiser. And DONt call me Katrina. Kat snapped.
    Todd fell silent. Kat shifted, knowing she had hit a nerve.
    Sorry, Todd, she sighed, but Todd was fuming.
    Well, you dont seem to care about how I feel! Even if you obviously hate me, you dont need to make my life miserable! he yelled, and stormed off.
    Wait, Todd, dont be stupid. Youll get killed if you go! Kat shouted, but it was too late. Todd was gone.
    Shivering, she started to walk in the direction hed left so she could find him. Little did she know that she was walking into a trap.
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    Skyla felt herself hit something soft on the ground. She was in complete darkness and could not see what it was. Slowly, she got up and looked around. A faint glow was coming from the left. She started to follow it. Slowly, she turned the corner until she saw a glowing book levitating in mid air. On the cover it said "The book of answers"
    Skyla grinned. Something in the book was luring her towards it. Without thinking, she touched it.
    Immediately, the glow around the book turned red.
    A voice boomed from above.
    "Skyla Hunter, welcome to the Book of Answers. Ask anything and you will be told the answer." It said.
    Skyla was sorely tempted. She needed to get out here and find the others but she was too intrigued.
    "What do I have to do with this house?' she asked.
    "This house has something you want," the voice chuckled. "And till you find it you cannot leave."
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