Describe the person you love.

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Thread Topic: Describe the person you love.

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    dannylover321 Senior
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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    She'd be Ironman. (translate = FeMale).
    She'd love me.
    I'd love her.
    She'd be beautiful.
    Not too much beautiful such that it attracts other guys' attention. But beautiful enough to turn people's heads.

    It's just my imagination.
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    bladewolf Junior
    Someone that's always there for who's always got my back always picking me up when i'm down who has great communication skills, they're always helping me when I'm hurt, and most importantly they actually know when to retreat from the objective when I die and two of the enemy champions and teaming up on her (It's a support)
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    bladewolf Junior
    I meant to put them instead of her but i just played with a soraka so it made me think of the word her
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    Magie Magic Senior
    Someone who is funny
    Someone who is clever.
    Someone who is cunning
    Someone who is my lever.

    Someone who is tall, soft, and bright.
    Someone who knows what their doing.
    Someone who can be my light.
    Someone who is charming.
    Someone who is sweet.
    Someone who doesnt care
    How much food I may eat. (XD)

    Someone who takes risks.
    Someone who is good at listening.
    Someone who takes it slow.
    Someone whoms passion is glistening.
    Someone who is gentle.
    Yet Someone who is bold.
    Someone who will remind me
    of what I have been told.

    Someone who is not perfect.
    And knows that Im not either.
    Someone who messes up
    In order to make me feel better.
    Someone who wont judge me.
    Unless I can judge them back.
    Someone who keeps my heart beating.
    And defends me from attack.

    Someone who doesnt find me to be a pain
    Someone who doesnt leave their words in vein.
    Someone who knows I dont care of the price of jewelry.
    Someone who would if they could love me globally.
    Someone who wont tire of my poetry.
    Someone I can always count on their loyalty.

    Someone who would let the odds ever be in our favour.
    Someone who we can share our own special flavour.
    Someone who will make me live long and prosper.
    Someone who will never make me cost more.
    Someone who isnt perfect.
    Isnt me, isnt always right, isnt always right.
    But someone personal who will help me get along.
    Someone who will help me stand tall in the sun.
    And as well of course, someone with whom I can have some fun.

    That is who would be perfect for me.
    That is a Person I wish I could see.
    Perhaps a person like that is only made for a dream.
    But who knows what life has in store on this open sea.
    Perhaps a certain someone who can fill me with glee
    Someone who will give me a surprise
    Someone who will open my eyes.
    A poem by those who live in the skys.
  • Someone who cares. Someone who listens. Someone who likes me for who I am. And a relationship that goes both ways
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    breadboy69 Junior
    Joyful is always his mood
    Oddly enough, everyone seems to like him
    Happiness always finds him
    Nobody doesn't want to be his friend

    Conflict is his worst enemy
    Everyday he greets me with a smile
    Negativity never surrounds him
    And his name is the first letter of every line
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    dannylover321 Senior
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    TheOnlyOne Advanced
    She's super pretty
    Tells really dumb jokes that make me want to shoot myself
    10/10 best girl i like her
  • SuperBunny101 Newbie
    My imagination:

    Funny, smart but not super nerd smart, good looking, will support me no matter what, loves to cuddle, can cook(optional), and loves the fandoms I do. :3
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    Luv myself Experienced
    I like someone with a good sense of humor. Someone who isn't perfect, but isn't a straight up jerk. I want someone as nerdy as me. Someone who can keep up and come up with great sarcastic comebacks.
    Someone who can love me and care for me, but not show it.

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