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  • ~Life~
    "Well, it does in fact seem less likely that they are "ded" but more that I don't like coming on this site. :P"
  • GTQ Discord
    "Is very nice but, is scary!"
  • Thread
    "Sorry I just went and started playing an RPG maker game which makes it so I can't alt tab back"
  • Thread
    "I'm just about 16 because my b-day is in September. I'm quite the boring person when it's early though so don't expect me to be really"
  • Thread
    "Not sure if you checked but I joined in 2015 so I've been here for a while but I took a 6 month break 'cause I was too lazy to sign in. (irl..."
  • Thread
    "Okay, I don't very many of those anymore."
  • Thread
    "Most of the people I met are not longer on this site or are just not on. I'm just a boring old 15 year old in high school."
  • Thread
    "Nice to meet you I don't know very many of the newer people on here."
  • Thread
  • Thread
    "How have your days been so far people?"
  • Thread
    "People actually came to on of my threads! I never thought the day would come!"
  • Thread
    "Oh hello!"
  • Thread
    "Maybe I should make a quiz while I'm busy being bored I haven't done that this account yet and it's been like 4-6 months since I was last on..."
  • Thread
    "Plus this wasn't the account I first joined with."
  • Thread
    "But I mean I don't really understand why I would expect anything else It's quite early and I'm a lesser known user."

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