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  • Don't mind me.
    "Number of quizzes: Still 0 Hey look, we're in name order. It's all Dark's fault, isn't it? :I I hate organization.."
  • "Deathly, I don't think you own my RP account. As much as I'd thank you for liking it, it's mine and I do enjoy owning my own account. "
  • "Lestat: *hesitates, before slipping tongue into her mouth* *wraps arms around her waist* ~ Kass: Kay- *moves, "
  • Hm.
    "I wouldn't think so. Host: So the hunt continues... I suppose so."
  • Hm...
    "Little- DROP IT. East: *shake shead* *grabs Dark* Dark: *flails* EAST EAST EAST! "
  • Screw it.
    "e-e 13."
  • "No reason. xD"
  • ._.
    "*smiles* Really? Arty?"
  • ._.
    "*stays into the hug* I dunno. He's actually really sweet. :3 Since I have a long list, who would you date "
  • ._.
    "*smiles and hugs Lucian* Revan."
  • ._.
    "Oh really? xD"
  • "Has anyone heard of Toradora? :3"

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