Are you crazy or Normal?

You all have wondered if you were actually crazy or not. Or you haven't. Well, you should take this quiz to find out, even if you don't care.

Crazy people and normal people are different in many ways. I've put totgether the best questions possible to make your little stay here enjoyable. let's find out if you're crazy or not, shall we?

Created by: DarknessOfDeath
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  1. Do you ever stop to think about wanting to do something horrible to your rivals or enimies?
  2. Do you normally yell and go crazy when someone ticks you off?
  3. Does anyone call you metal or insane?
  4. Can you go a day without breaking something?
  5. Has anyone every once joked around and asked you if you came from Wonderland?
  6. Can you handle being yelled at when you mess something up?
  7. Do you ever care about threats thrown at you?
  8. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be dead?
  9. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Wonderland?
  10. (No result) Did you like my silly little quiz at all?

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Quiz topic: Am I crazy or Normal?