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  • Are You Like Me?
    [published: Feb 09, 2021, 11 comments]

    I'm going to be frank with you. This is pretty much a How Well Do You Know Me quiz, so don't get too excited.……

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  • "what the fu3k happened? i went to go get water"
  • Angel X Shadow
    "She's right"
  • Cinnabon
    "Uhhh this one as well"
  • 1x1
    "Avron frowned and averted his eyes as she put it on. "You know, I can still tell you apart from a regular demon.""
  • Death Lane
    "1:32PM, Sun Feb 14. Reminder - Calendar: Valentine's Day."
  • The Chicken Diaries
    ":'3 oh no Hima and Leia died? Sorry to hear"
  • JUNE
    ""The levels behind Sharkzilla are all pretty easy," he offered. "I can help you get back up there using multiplayer.""
  • June
    ""Oh, brother." Lucien rolled his eyes, but he didn’t tell her to stop."
  • The Chicken Diaries
  • 1x1
  • The Chicken Diaries
    "Imagine if u and Emo were Yokko and Snowball- Inseparable"
  • June
    ""Yep," Lucien replied amiably. "Wait—what?""
  • JUNE
    "Talis grinned. "The trick is to throw the vial of Greek fire into Sharkzilla's mouth. That always gets him.""
  • ""
  • [Royal Scandal] (1x1)
    ""Ah." He smiled nervously and scooped some rabbit onto his plate. Lares nibbled it cautiously, and was surprised to find that the rabbit act..."

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