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  • I can't post comments.
    "Well, It took too long to remember this account. slytherin queeen has some issues."
  • hello
    "Night death :)"
  • It's storming
    "Yayz ^~^ *touches metal pole 100000 times*"
  • hello
    "I'm in bed too. *yawns* I live on Mars redawn."
  • It's storming
    "STORM :D May I touch the metal pole? ;-;"
  • hello
    "@redawn I just never get a chance to do it. =0 it's about 2am here."
  • hello
    "@redawn No =/ I hardly ever dance,even though I love to."
  • hello
    "@redawn Woah that's So cool ! I really like break dancing. ^-^"
  • REALLY?!
  • hello
    "OMG sorry that I keep posting late =( My internet is being SO freaking slow."
  • hello
    "@redawn Oh okay :) Well I play the guitar and a few songs on the piano. And I used to play basketball but I don't play it anymore and yeah I..."
  • hello
    "Are you talking to me or Nuna?"
  • hello
    "Thanks :] *waves*"
  • hello
    "Hi again I'm back =)"
  • "Ouch... kill the baby e_e"

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