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Hey this is me aka (swaggmonkey) up in here in the house!!! Yeah boy come and see if you're awesomeness or not hahh I bet you ain't I got more swagg than you.

Hey my name be Jenna and I got swagg and cool freshnessly awesomeness. Let's see if you can be as awesome as me. Haha no I bet you ain't but good luck to you.

Created by: SwaggMonkey
  1. Do ppl say your awesome?
  2. Do you think your awesome?
  3. Do you like turtlez?
  4. Do you like bubble wrap?
  5. Am I awesome
  6. You like pie
  7. K last question
  8. I lied
  9. You fav color
  10. K bye

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Quiz topic: Am I Awesome