Ice cold part 1

Hey I hope this was diffrent than other quizzes! But I hope you still like it! DONT READ: 12.  I leaned back but then I herd a yell from the house, I ran back to the house to find Cherry screaming at....Drakeh

Hey I hope this was diffrent than other quizzes! But I hope you still like it! DONT READ: 12.  I leaned back but then I herd a yell from the house, I ran back to the house to find Cherry screaming at....Drake

Created by: HELLO
  1. I hear the sounds to the rain pouring down on the ground outside. I walk to my window and look out as the rain falls to the wet ground. I close my eyes and sit on my desk, my head leaning on the window. It was cold and refreshing. I opened my eyes to see a dark grey clouded sky. Then thunder was herd and I could not hear the voices of my family anymore, it was quite and so was the sky. I walked back to my bed and hoped into it. It sounded like it was hailing but then it got louder and louder. I hear my family talking again and then the rain stopped...I think. But then it stared ip again, I  sighed and closed my eyes and listened to the rain and thunder.  I slowly dozed off the my last thought was 'I wish my life was interesting'
  2.  2. *Day before 18 birthday* I was about to fall sleep. My teacher was teaching 'History' Or so I thought he was going to make us stay until Christmas! The the sound of the bell rang, I smiled and stood up. Then noise filled the room and hall, A hand grabbed mine. I looked up to see the pale face of Cherry. She has brown hair, dark brown freckles and she always wears red lip stick. I had to say she was pretty in a way. Was it the way her hair sat in her shoulders or the way that she was so pretty? She pulled me to lunch and started talking "He was so cute!" She said, I stared at her "Who was?" I asked sitting down. She sighed and said "Let me say it again, and listen this time" I nodded "Sorry" I told her and took at bite of my pizza slice that my dad packed me. She started smiling "Good, well I was running late for class.-" "Again" I butted in. She ignored me and went on "I was running late for class...again and some jerk knocked me over. I didn't get a good look at him...he was a new kid you see. He didn't even say sorry! He was so rude" She told me "Get on with it" I snapped at her. She took a sip of juice and went on "Well any-ways I fell to the ground and I guy that was so hot helped me up. It was amazing! He smiled and said 'Are you okay? Sorry about my friend' I smiled and said 'thats fine' and I hurried off the class" she said dreamily.  Then something click in my mind "Don't you have a boyfriend?" I asked her nervously. Her face went pale (paler that usual) She opened her mouth but no words came out then she cleared her throat "Well we broke up...yesterday" She told me. I hugged her "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked her, She just looked at the ground "It dose not matter. Want to have a sleepover at mine tonight?" she asked. I nodded
  3. 3. *At Cherry's* we laugh as we tell each other dumb jokes. Then I was about to change into my Pj's when, glass went everywhere and I got dizzy and fell to the ground. The last thing I herd was "_____"  (Ps: sorry about the black out)
  4. 4. *When I wake* I wake up in a small room. It has light blue walls with white framing. The carpet is white but I have a dark blue mat in front of the door.  There is also A white desk with a dark blue chair, That has a black laptop on it and so many more things but the best of was a view. I look out the window to see valleys/hills with flowers growing on them. The flowers are yellow, light purple, light pink and light blue. The grass is a fresh green and I hear someone mumbling from out side the door "Why do I have to be with the human ----! Why can't I be with the beautiful Cherry. I bet her friend is sooo ugly!" It was a guys voice mumbling and the door opened and I turned away from the window to see who opened the door
  5. 5. He guy that opened the door had pitch black hair and Misty eyes. He looked at me in surprise. I just smiled weakly and sat down on the bed "Where is Cherry? What am I doing here?" I asked him. He was shocked to see that I was calm but I was not calm. I was way far from calm, I wanted to yell and bash them all. He didn't smiled or he hasn't smiled yet "I am Chris, Cherry is safe and that's why you are here. Cherry might need a friend to help her and here you are. Like I want you here, all you will do is start drama" I went to say something but he just went on "Flow me" He told me. I stood up and went after him.
  6. 6. While I was walking with him I mumbled to myself "This is not how I wanted to spend my birthday" He seemed to hear me but he was still walking. We turned up at a cream door and I walked inside and it was a big room and everything was PINK. That would be Cherry's dream room but I had to say the room I got was my dream room. Cherry was out cold and I ran to her "Cherry?" I said. She opened her eyes "----!" she said an hugged me looking at all the guys. Guy 1# Shaggy blond hair and ocean blue eyes. Guy 2# Brown hair and grey eyes. Guy 3# Chris. Guy 1# Walked over to us "Sorry to have to bring you here ____. There is the Story: My name is Jake, the guy with the brown hair is Chase and The guy with the black hair is Chris. Cherry, we believe is a Very powerful at Magic. Or so it is told: A girl that hides her looks, with the power within. Will be the ray of light the makes the good guys win. But she is pretty as ever and her lips are right, she will fall in love with 3 guys and they will fall in love with her. She was be forced to say who she loves" Cherry gasps "you think it's me" For someone who was got taken away from their family she seemed happy. I didn't mind if the guys loved her because I am magic. My look now is not my real look. But like I am going to tell them that, call be evil but I am not. I just want them the realize they have the wrong girl
  7. 7. Chase looks at me like Chris did and that was...not happy. No one was happy that I was here but Cherry "So why am I here" I ask. Chris rolls his eyes "There was also another story. It went something like this: A girl not as pretty with be the best friend of the girl. But the girl is mad that she is not the one so she plans to make her life bad" He tells me, Cherry and I gasp "I wouldn't do that" I told them and Cherry said "she is way too nice she even-" Cherry stops and thinks but then says "I don't that I think about it. So we can't  rely on her at all?" Cherry just turned on me, in shock I storm out of the room and back into the first one I came in. I was almost in tears but I told myself "let them work it out
  8. *********************************8.  There was a soft knock at my room and Cherry came in and whispered in my ear "Sorry but I want these guys to fall in love with me. So yeah bye" She told me and walked out oh how I hate her one. I was about lunch and another knock at the door and Chris's voice said "Can I come in" "Yes" I told him. He opened the door and must of got a shock when he saw me hugging a Teddy  bear and looking out the window "The view is amazing, don't you think" I asked him and I herd to the door close softly and I turned to see if he was still there, he was with a sandwich in his hand. He hands me to food and asks "so this is your dream room?" I nod "Well one of them" I say unwrapping the seal around the sandwich. He looked out the window "I do love the view. I have to say for someone with wants to make someone's life bad you are deep" He tell me, I laugh "I am deep?" I ask. He nods and then someone calls "Chris" Chris walks to the door but before he opens it he says "Bye" then he slips out he door
  9. 9. Soon I had ate my lunch and decided to have a nap. I slowly dozed off the sleep and I saw a guy with straight jet black hair with brown streaks and red eyes. He stares at me all was black "____, I know you are the real one not Cherry but I won't tell them that of you do a favor for me" I stare at him "What's your favor?" I ask him. He walk to me and our lips are So close and he whisperers "When you say who you love think about loving me...Drake" Then he went away and I woke up. It was only 1:00Pm an I could hear Cherry laughing along with Jake, Chase but not Chris. I didn't think Chris smiled or laughed much but he was sure nicer to me then the others. Was it okay to start liking him? But then I thought of Drake...Who was he. I wanted to ask but there was no way I was going to show my face to them again. So I sat up and hugged a pillow while crying
  10. 10. *Next day* I woke to the sound of guys yelling. So I rubbed my eyes and walked downstairs "What's going on" I asked. Chase and Chris turned to me, I looked At the time 4:00Am and I was not a early bird. So I got no worms. Chris Calmed down "____, go back to bed" he ordered me. I stood my ground "No, I want to know what's going on and who  wants Cherry! I want answers NOW" I snapped at them, No more nice girl. They were taken back but they sat down and Chase said "Well Drake wants Cherry. To marry her., if they get married....we are fine. But is she marries Cam...we die" Chase told me. I didn't under stand "Why do you die, is there more to this?" I ask. Chris starts this time "Well Drake is not our biggest problem. Cam is. He wants to kill Cherry o he gets her powers. marring her first" I really didn't get it "So how Is Drake bad?" I asked and then Jake said "He is not but we just want to love her" I nodded I understood "Okay I am going to bed...bye" I said and made my way to bed
  11. 11. (It will get more fun to read soon) *Hours later* I drip my feet into the pool and I stare up at Cherry's window. I could see her kissing Jake, I shake it off and them I hear What they are talking about in my head. Just like if they were next to me. Jake-Cherry I love you, Cherry-Aw Jake but I don't know who to pick, its too soon as well. Jake- Let me kiss you then, Cherry-do whatever you want, Just don't pin it on me if the others see. Jake-okay babe. I almost snap, that cheater. I was her best friend Yuck! I look and see that Chris sat down beside me "____, I need help" He told me, I nodded an looked up at the sky "What with?" I asked him. He looks up at the Sky with me and then we take a walk. He sits down on a stool and I sit beside him "A girl is back home, I think I love  her but I should love Cherry you know.  But I think Cherry is the wring girl and I think the other one is. What do I do?" He asked. I smiled "Well If I was you, I would stop letting other people tell you who to love" I told him. Then a smiled, I almost jumped over the moon "You smiled" I said happy but then he frowned "SHH! Don't say that too loud! This talk did not happen, but thanks and I still hate you" he said and walked off. I just smiled and found a hill to sit on
  12. 12.  I leaned back but then I herd a yell from the house, I ran back to the house to find Cherry screaming at....Drake

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