What kind of Cold Case fan are you?

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses of Cold Case. Really Cold Case fans should know, at least, everything about it!!

Are YOU a really Cold Case fan? Do you think you know everything about it? Let's check it out here!! Demonstrate what you know!!!

Created by: Paula
  1. What state did Lilly and Scotty go to where they stayed in a hotel and Scotty meets a girl named Charlene?
  2. What family member of Lilly's did Scotty briefly date?
  3. How many near-death-experiences did Lilly face?
  4. What's Lilly's sister's name?
  5. Who's Lilly dating now?
  6. What's the killer name in Stalker?
  7. How did Lilly's mom die?
  8. Who's Janie?
  9. Who is Mike?
  10. What's Lilly favourite colour?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Cold Case fan am I?