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  • woa
  • People get on my nerves
    "No she's a f---tardando (a ritardando is Italian for slower in music)"
  • "I should seriously kill the person who made this thread. Wait **I should seriously kill the troll that made this thre"
  • God hates you all
    "@Emma seriously this guy is suck a f---tard"
  • People get on my nerves
  • People get on my nerves
    "@Carri she deleted me Which makes me crack upXD"
  • God hates you all
    "Omg I got live tickets to their upcoming tour! Who wants to come with me?"
  • God hates you all
  • People get on my nerves
    "Yeah she did but I WAS friends with her on fb... WAS and I win:)"
  • People get on my nerves
    "Bunnies tries to think she's the s--- or something.."
  • God hates you all
  • God hates you all
    "@Nakita neither have I..."
  • God hates you all
    "What is your f---ing problem? If you have read the bible, you would know God loves all no matter what they do or say. So, you can stfu and s..."
  • Okayy
    "Flibber && Moyashi thanx"
  • Okayy
    "FRESHMAN and I'm in the 7TH grade and I feel weird because we've been friends for a long time and if he doesn't like me when I ask him I fea..."

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