How well do you know me?

do you know me? do you know me? justi n beiber. jdb. jdb. jdb. j d b. omg this is annoying i have to take a shower. i have to take a shower. shower. i luv the shower dont you ? ☆¡> +☆○◇□◎ i love the shower!!!! I HATE SKOOL. SKOOL HATES ME. THATS THE WAY I LIKE IT TO B. lpol it rhykmes

this is stupid. characters? what are they there for? i like cheesew. no thats a lie. sorry if im not talking right this thing wont let mi pass. i ts lid 9:00 i have to got o bed. soo. ni fhgtkl i stoll i still have tyo ridte. thes i s not fun .fkfjkdl f or me i will do any thing. n ot. wtf it still wont let me pass. i wanna curse but i dun wanna. i feel like exploding. i dont have this time.

Created by: catherine99

  1. what is my real name?
  2. what is my favorite color?
  3. what is my dogs name?
  4. what show do i help make on youtube?
  5. who are my 2 best friends in life?
  6. who likes me in the offbeat forums?
  7. true or false? metal is my favorite genre of music.
  8. who is my favorite rapper?
  9. true or false? ive already kissed a boy on the lips.
  10. who is the longest boyfriend ive ever had?
  11. what is my favorite band?
  12. what is my favorite song by the beatles?
  13. what is my favorite song by queens?
  14. true or false? i am the biggest fangirl of sailormoon.
  15. true or false? i have the biggest crush on justin bieber.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?