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  • What W.O.W. class am i?
    [published: Dec 9, 2011, 1 comment]

    What kind of personality are you? That comes into play in my quizz! Are you a sly rogue, crazy warrior,…

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  • What is a god?
    "Ive got an issue. can one be cristian...but like...not cristian? i think weird things at times, like multiple gods and magic. but then i kno..."

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  • "lol i got flying magic! whheeee!!! pft ill get right to work on that, just leaping off my roof... -shutter- man wish i had gotten light…"

  • "it said i was all powerful! ^_^ if only that were true. im tettering in between turning wicken or staying roman catholic. i beleive in god,…"

  • "youz called meh a noob noob noob noob noob. but i iz not noob noob noob noob, i iz n00b n00b n00b n00b! mah kitteh kat died! oh nos! D: soz…"

  • "yay i got Kara! :D i love avalon! i actualy once went to go find a magic stone..course there were all flooie :3 btw u spelt Adriane wrong!…"

  • "71% ZOMG RIPPED OFF! speaking of ripped of i can rip peoples faces off in wow cause im a kitty MEOW! omg cat speak cat for real: rRRreaw…"

  • "IMMA FIRING MAH LAZOR! -shoots pyroblast-
    bad question 5, i had to change sex!!! X3"