what avalonmage are you

this is a tribute to the avalon books i wish you would read them .you can take this to find out what mage you would be if you were one.truh i don't lie

do you have what it take to be a warrior ,blazing star,or a healer.you never know until you take this quiz .i took all the info from my knoledge of the books

Created by: abby

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what animal is you fave
  2. where are you during your free time
  3. have you read the avalon books
  4. if you could use One word to discribe yourself it be
  5. your fave outfit is
  6. what sound the most fun
  7. what do you do when your bored
  8. do you belive in magic
  9. will you rate
  10. do you think the author rachel roberts did a good job with a books

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Quiz topic: What avalonmage am I