Which Of My Books Would You Like

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There Are Many Books That I Favour But Some Might Soon Be Yours I Will See If Any Of My Favourite Books You Will Like I Hope You Agree And Enjoy The If You Choose My Advice

Which Book Are You Going To Get Have You Already Read Or Have You Not Will You Hate The Books Or Love Them Find Out Soon Enough In Less Then Ten Minutes

Created by: CatCentaur
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Type Of Book Would You Prefer
  2. Would You Look At The Book I Recommended And Perhaps Read It
  3. Do You Like Mind Reading Magical Books
  4. How Many Books Do You Read In A Year
  5. Do You Prefer Doing
  6. This Is Probably The Half Way Mark
  7. What Is Your Favourite Colour
  8. What Device Are You Doing This Quiz On
  9. Did You Like The Quiz So FAR
  10. Books Are The Start Of Life
  11. What Is Your Favourite Book

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