Which of My Favorite Books Would Be Best For You?

Many people read books, but I know few who read these. Take my quiz and find out which one is for you! Do you think you have already read the one I recommend? Take the quiz again and do different answers!

Do you think you're an Unwanted? Maybe a Terces member? Do you have what it takes to be and Ascendant? Or are you a Jedi Initiate/Padawan/Knight/Master?

Created by: Sam

  1. Pick a genre
  2. Which would you like the most?
  3. Choose a weapon
  4. Who do you like more?
  5. Pick a movie
  6. Do you have a wild imagination?
  7. Pick a Jedi Master
  8. Pick a random one
  9. Do you have frequent nightmares?
  10. What's your favorite color?

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